Episode 4: Clitaurus Chronicles

Clitaurus Chronicles

In this episode, I interview the brilliant Breona Mendoza, a queer Seattle therapist, sex therapist, sex educator, and author. We discuss her delightful book, “Clitaurus Chronicles” (llustrated by Danny Tayara) in which we follow the adventures of Clitty as she navigates a maze of characters, assumptions, and expectations in search of the sensations that are just right for her. The adorable illustrations from artist Danny Tayara bring the book to life, and the highly approachable writing style makes it a gentle guide to sexploration for a wide range of readers. Along with Clitty’s story, the book teaches us about consent and gives us guidance on how to have those difficult conversations with our partners about what feels best for our bodies. We also learn more about what sex therapy is and hear about a wonderful set of sex education resources for those wanting to learn more.

Keywords - therapy; sex therapy; Clitaurus Chronicles; sex education; Breona Mendoza; Danny Tayara; consent; publishing