About Queer Kahani

Queer Kahani is a quirky and curious podcast of bite-sized queer stories told in an interactive interview format - happy stories, sad stories, coming out stories, closing in stories, first loves, worst loves, epiphanies, recipes, and everything in between. Episodes are available here and coming soon to Spotify and Apple Music.

The Format

We like to keep it short and sweet - episodes are 15-30 minutes long, and stories are told in a lively, conversational format.

The Guests

Our guests are selected from many sources - friends, neighbors, listeners, authors, and others who have a story to tell. The only requirement is that they identify somewhere on the multi-dimensional queer spectrum.

Story Submissions

Instructions on how to submit a story are here.

The Name

‘Kahani’ means ‘story’ in Hindi, so ‘Queer Kahani’ is a mixed-language phrase that translates roughly to ‘Queer Stories.’

The Host

Queer Kahani is hosted, produced, and developed by queer Seattleite Sumu Tasib, author of A Boy Named Su: Stories from a Journey Into Genderqueerness.

How It Works

This podcast is served from github pages, with the podcast files hosted on Backblaze B2 storage. The individual pages and XML feed are generated dynamically using Jekyll. The code for the site is based on Jekyll Skeleton and the Link Rot Podcast, both by Tim Klapdor.


Feedback, questions, and heartfelt communiques of all sorts are always welcome: please contact us via email.