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The Author: Sumu Tasib

More information about the author, Sumu (Su) Tasib, including current projects, where to find their work online and in stores, and contact information including social media. Please use this page for all press inquiries.

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Stories, poetry, and essays on themes of gender, sexuality, relationships, and social justice. Sumu's work has been published in various literary magazines and anthologies. Sculpture credit: "Kindred Spirits" by Bayu Angermeyer.

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Schedule of Events

Readings, signings, talks, and other events where Sumu will be appearing in the near future. To request appearances or inquire about unlisted events, please email Sumu using the contact information on the bio page.

stories from a journey into genderqueerness

Book: A Boy Named Su

A genderqueer journey through a gender-binary world, this book traces the footsteps of the author's confusion, shame, and eventual embrace of his sexuality and gender identity. Available Elliott Bay Books, Amazon, Medium (free), and goodreads.

conversations about queer stories

Podcast: Queer Kahani

A quirky, queer podcast of bite-sized stories - happy stories, sad stories, first loves, worst loves, epiphanies, recipes, and everything in between. Episodes are available here as well as on Spotify and Apple Podcasts. Story submissions and feedback are welcome by email.